Rules, Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of rules By submitting an entry for DEMO, the participant entering accepts these rules, terms and conditions.

Curation The curators shall review all the designs submitted by the participants, determine whether they conform to the criteria and conditions, and exclude any which do not.
The final selection of the work is final. No correspondence will be given concerning any curatorial decision.

Reproduction rights Entries can only be submitted with prior permission of the owner of the rights to the work. The organisers reserve the right to publish submissions on the DEMO website, in promotional material, in publicity by third parties about DEMO, to record and publish videos and photos of the exhibition and to showcase the work in future exhibitions. Participants will be notified if the DEMO 2022 exhibition will travel after the 6th of October 2022.

Credit responsibility If the participant has collaborated on a piece of work with any other entity or person, it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that if the entry qualifies to be featured in the DEMO exhibition, the names and other details of all other individuals and companies who have collaborated are provided to DEMO in response to a request for credit information.

Participant warranties By submitting an Entry the participant warrants and represents that:
a. the submission: (i) is original to the participant; (ii) does not contain anything that infringes the rights (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights, privacy rights and other rights) of any third party and is not otherwise contrary to any applicable laws, regulations or voluntary or regulatory codes; (iii) contains nothing that is or is likely to be considered obscene, derogatory or defamatory; (iv) and complies with these rules.

b. the participant has obtained to the full extent permitted by law from all persons that made a contribution to the work, a grant of all relevant consents, waivers and rights required for the submission of the work.

c. the credits indicated on the completed editorial form are correct and DEMO's publication of these credits in the form submitted will not infringe any intellectual property right, moral right or other rights of the participant or any third party or otherwise expose DEMO to any liability or bring DEMO into disrepute;

d. all information provided by the participant in connection with the submission is and shall be complete, accurate and not misleading;

e. the participation in DEMO does not and will not cause the participant to be in breach of any contract entered into by the participant with any person or any duty of confidentiality owed by the participant to any person.