Access to the train stations

To access the train stations in the Netherlands, an OV chipcard is required. You can buy this OV chipcard at every station. If you check in at the gates and out again within 1 hour. Nothing is charged on your card.

Access to Schiphol Airport

7 special screens are located here. But 4 screens are only visible for travellers because they are located behind the security check. Only if you are travelling through Schiphol you will be able to see all screens.

The motion programme of DEMO Festival is on show on more than 5000 screens in the public space throughout the Netherlands. The screens are located at train stations, metro stations, along high ways, at the airports, at petrol stations, in car parks, shopping centers or in certain streets and city center.

DEMO takes place on October 6th from 06:00 until October 7th 00:00 CET.

Go to the designers page and click on the name. It will direct you to its detail page showing the times in which the work will be shown.

On special DEMO credit bumpers. These bumpers appear on all the screens when a new theme is on show. On the website the designers are credited on their own detail page.

You must be present minimum 10 minutes before the start of the talk at the DEMO info point in the Amstelpassage at Amsterdam Central Station. From there you will be guided to the Royal Waiting Room at track 2. This because of crowd control measures.

Yes. Limited space is available and entrance is with ticket only. Check out the Talks page to book your free ticket.

Yes, you can book a guided tour in Rotterdam, Utrecht or Amsterdam. The tours are free. Check out the Talks /Tours page to book a ticket. Please note there are limited spots available per tour. All tours are in English.

DEMO will capture the spirit of the overall day and events in photos and an aftermovie. Next to this we will photograph as many motion pieces on the portrait screens and some special screens. This documentation will be shared with the designers and press.